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WEPs Leadership Group

In 2011, UN Women and the UN Global Compact established a Women’s Empowerment Principles Leadership Group (WEPs LG) to provide strategic guidance to the UN Women/UN Global Compact WEPs partnership.

In particular, the WEPs LG:

  1. Provides advice to the UN Women and UN Global Compact WEPs team on growing the number of engaged businesses and their participation level;

  2. Acts as WEPs champions and help to disseminate and promote their uptake by businesses around the world;

  3. Advises the WEPs partnership on issues concerning the private sector and women’s empowerment, particularly WEPs implementation;

  4. Brings diverse expertise and perspectives to emerging issues related to: (1) the business case and gender equality, (2) corporate sustainability and gender equality, (3) women’s economic empowerment and development.

The WEPs LG is multi-stakeholder in composition, representing business, academia, civil society and women’s organizations and international institutions.

WEPs Leadership Group Meeting on 5 March 2013