Principle 7: Measure and publicly report on progress to achieve gender equality

Transparency, Measuring and Reporting

  • Make public the company policies and implementation plan for promoting gender equality

  • Establish benchmarks that quantify inclusion of women at all levels

  • Measure and report on progress, both internally and externally, using data disaggregated by sex

  • Incorporate gender markers into ongoing reporting obligations

Company Examples

  • A mid-sized Israeli fashion company became the first of its size in Israel to voluntarily publicize a Social and Environmental Responsibility Report reflecting its commitment to gender equality.

  • A Spanish financial institution publicizes its commitment to equal opportunity and inclusion on its website and regularly undergoes external equality diagnostics validated by an autonomous government body.

  • A South African mining company includes a detailed breakdown of employment by gender and race per occupational level in its sustainability reporting.

  • Two Australian companies – one banking, one consulting – use the seven Women’s Empowerment Principles as a gender equality report guide.