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Creating a New Value through Matchmaking among Large and/or Medium Companies, Women Entrepreneurs and Female University Students -- towards the implementation of Principle 5 and Principle 6 of the WEPs

January 22, 2014
Shibuya, Tokyo
Kyoko Yokota

Hosted by “J300- coalition of the women owners”, Ochanomizu University, the Kanagawa New Business Conference, the Liaison Conference for the Promotion of Gender Equality and the Cabinet Office, this event will highlight the importance of Principle 5 of the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs). Designed as a "match making event," the program will offer an avenue for women-owned enterprises to expand business relationships with some of the largest companies in Tokyo. In addition, the event will feature how women-owned companies create and implement their own business plans.


1:00pm - 1:40pm: Talking Session Sharing a couple of good practices of business between enterprises and women entrepreneurs

1:50pm - 3:00pm: Presentation Session Presenting collaboration and business plans of women entrepreneurs to Large and/or medium companies

3:00pm - 4:00pm: Workshop Session Brainstorming a lot of business seeds of collaborations among companies, women-owned companies and universities

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Side Event to the 8th Open Working Group Meeting: Fostering Women’s Entrepreneurship as a Means of Promoting Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

February 06, 2014
United Nations Headquarters, New York City

Today, the largest untapped source of growth is that of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Across the developed and developing world SMEs are the main source of employment accounting for almost 80 % of jobs. Given the role of decent employment in supporting economic growth, poverty reduction and protection of vulnerable communities, SMEs as incubators of growth, must form a central part of our debate on what will constitute the Post 2015 Development Agenda. In developing countries and Least Developed Countries, many of these jobs which will be filled by the vulnerable groups in society such as women and youth- are people who are often operating at the bottom of value chains and excluded from sustained economic opportunities. The supply side capacity and supporting the growth and competitiveness of SMEs are necessary anchors for development – because without jobs, the achievements we make in health, education, peace and security will not be sustainable.

This side event will focus on the three ‘E’s’, seeking to take a more inclusive and sustainable approach to economic development by recognising that improved entrepreneurship leads to economic growth which in turn creates employment. ITC’s Three E initiative: Entrepreneurship for economic growth and employment focuses on building entrepreneurship of SME exporters and of SMEs who have a potential for becoming exporters. This interfaces with the Women’s Empowerment Principles a joint initiative of the UN Global Compact and UN Women, under which companies commit to, inter alia, to integrating women-owned companies into their supply chains.


6:00pm - Arrival at United Nations Headquarters

6:15pm - Opening Remarks

6:30pm - Moderated Panel Discussion

7:15pm - Closing Remarks


6th Annual WEPs Event: Gender Equality and the Global Jobs Challenge

March 05, 2014 - March 06, 2014
United Nations Headquarters, New York City

The sixth annual Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) event, Gender Equality and the Global Jobs Challenge, will spotlight business strategies, experience and challenges on increasing and enhancing job opportunities for women and expanding access to decent jobs. With more than 670 CEO signatories worldwide, the WEPs, a partnership initiative of UN Women and the UN Global Compact, provide a roadmap for companies to advance and empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community. The WEPs 6 March event at United Nations Headquarters brings together the experience of leading stakeholders from business, government and civil society to strengthen local and global solutions. Among other topics, the event will spotlight:

• Breaking through gender stereotyping, unconscious bias and ending occupational segregation

• Addressing gender inequalities in pay, promotions and leadership opportunities

• Enhancing paid employment opportunities for women through procurement policies and throughout the value chain

• Forging links with women-owned businesses and supporting women's entrepreneurship or cooperative development programs

• Bolstering efforts to increase women’s access to finance, land and skills training

• Engaging with women and men in communities and tailoring outreach to ensure women equal opportunities for good paying and non-traditional jobs

Registration priority will be given to companies that have signed the CEO Statement of Support for the WEPs.

----- An official side event of the 58th Commission on the Status of Women ----- Women’s Empowerment Principles - Equality Means Business: Re-Visioning the Development Agenda - A Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue

March 11, 2014
UN Headquarters, New York

**Watch the event LIVE via webcast at

The Millennium Declaration set a high bar when it called for all countries to be involved in creating “…a more peaceful, prosperous, and just world,” and explicitly stated, “we have a collective responsibility to uphold the principles of human dignity, equality and equity at global levels.” (United Nations. 2000. Millennium Declaration.

A backdrop of economic volatility, austerity policies, climate upheaval, conflict, corruption and poverty shades the world’s efforts to move to the next phase of the development agenda, gathering lessons and reformulating approaches. However, beacons exist to light the way forward. Equality Means Business is one such light. Research and practice underscore that gender equality is fundamental to realizing the development agenda and that advancing and empowering women in the workplace, marketplace and community is essential for all sectors.

Collaboration is another lighthouse, as moving the gender agenda requires all hands on deck: Government, international organizations, civil society and the private sector. Drawing from the Women’s Empowerment Principles--a partnership initiative of UN Women and the UN Global Compact--that provide a road map for the private sector to realize gender equality and advance women in the workplace, marketplace and community, discussion will spotlight the role of business as we re-vision the post 2015 Development Agenda.

Co-sponsored by the Government of Australia, UN Global Compact, UN Women, International Federation of Business and Professional Women and the NGO CSW Forum 2014, the event will feature speakers, including representatives from the private sector, that will examine how business can contribute to gender equality, particularly addressing barriers to jobs and decent employment, while highlighting a range of opportunities, stakeholder roles and responsibilities, lessons learned and how to get involved.

Speakers Include:

  • Ms. Elizabeth Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commission

  • Ms. Lakshmi Puri, Assistant Secretary-General, United Nations; and Deputy Executive Director, UN Women

  • Ms. Saadia Zahidi, Senior Director, Head of Gender Parity and Human Capital, World Economic Forum

  • Ms. Naila Chowdhury, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, TeleConsult Group

  • Ms. Freda Miriklis, President, Business and Professional Women International

  • Ms. Erica Christensen, VP, Corporate Social Responsibility, CA Technologies

  • Mr. Arif Zaman, Advisor, Commonwealth Business Council on Corporate Governance, South Asia and the Commonwealth Businesswomen Network

  • Ms. Rachael Akohonae, Managing Director, CIB Head of Diversity and Employee Relations, US, BNP Paribas

Business in Society Programme on the Women's Empowerment Principles

March 22, 2014
DirecTV & Online
The WEPs Team

John Paluszek of “Business in Society” conducted three video interviews at the 6th Annual WEPs Event, which will air online and on DirecTV as part of a feature programme on the Women's Empowerment Principles. The programme will feature interviews with:

  • Anne-Marie Slaughter, President, New America Foundation

  • Barbara Krumsiek, CEO, Calvert Investments

  • Ursula Wynhoven, Chief, Governance and Social Sustainability and General Counsel, United Nations Global Compact

Business in Society reports on how business is changing lives through responsible and sustainable business. The half-hour programme presents experts and best practices on a range of corporate sustainability topics, drawing attention to private sector efforts to conduct business both ethically and profitably, and also address global challenges.

You can watch the WEPs programme:


DirecTV: Saturday, 22 March, 11am EST - DirecTV Channel 222


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The 11th CEO Pledging Ceremony

March 24, 2014
Republic of Korea
Insil Lee

BPW KOREA (Korean Federation of Business & Professional Women) is co-hosting the "11th CEO Pledging Ceremony" with The B.E.S.T Forum to firmly establish a culture of ethical business practice and sustainable management in Korea. As the role of CEOs is essential in realizing ethics management, the annual ceremony aims to encourage CEOs to pledge one's ethical leadership and others to follow the suit. This year's event specially promotes the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) by encouraging B.E.S.T members to sign the CEO Statement of Support for the WEPs.

For more information, please contact Ms. Insil Lee at

Webinar - The Business Case for Women’s Employment

March 27, 2014

Empowering women to participate in full and productive employment is essential to expand economic growth, promote social development and enhance business performance. However, the positive impacts of women-focused employment practices on firms, communities and the economy are often under appreciated. Co-hosted by the UN Global Compact, International Finance Corporation, and the International Labour Organization, this webinar will present the latest research on the business case for gender diversity in the workplace. It will feature a panel discussion describing the key challenges and opportunities for advancing women’s employment and retention, and highlight key engagement opportunities including the Women's Empowerment Principles and WINvest.

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Unfinished Business: Exploring New Horizons for Societal Change

March 28, 2014
New York, NY
Leslie Erway Wright

This year the International Council of Women celebrates its work to end sexism and racism by bringing together women and men interested in creating a better world. The Conference is about the continuum of progress towards equality for all in the US. It will bring together people from all backgrounds who care about the advancement and inclusion of women in society. A morning panel will be devoted to examining the strides women have made in the workplace and how business can scale up efforts to address the remaining gaps. Speakers will discuss how this issue is taught in business schools, opening the field of technology and non traditional jobs to women and how the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), a joint initiative of the UN Global Compact and UN Women, can provide guidance to business on how to empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community.

Registration required: Please click here to register.

WEPs Brazil Award 2014

March 31, 2014
Juliana Hellvig

The WEPs Brazil Award 2014 recognizes institutions that promote a culture of gender equality in their organizational environments. Thirty-two (32) large, medium and small businesses are finalists of this first ever WEPs Brazil Award  and the award recipitents will be announced on Monday, 31 March 2014 in a ceremony at Teatro Positivo in Curitiba. The event is hosted by Itaipu Binacional, Portal Tempo de Mulher and Espaço das Mulheres Executivas do Paraná (MEX-PR), with partnership of several companies and institutions. Featured attendees include: special Advisor UN Global Compact, Fred Dubee; Brazilian Network Global Compact chairman, Jorge Soto; UN Women Representative in Brazil, Nadine Gasman; Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) presidente in Brazil, Glaucia Térreo; Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro Research Institute president, Samyra Crespo; Planeta Sustentável director, Caco de Paula, and  journalist and businesswoman Ana Paula Padrão.

Meeting Report

Press Release: Portuguese | English

Pictures of Award Recipients



Based on the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Leadership Awards, the WEPs Brazil Award seeks to promote gender equality amongst Brazilian companies of all sizes. In 2013, Itaipu received the 7 Principles WEPs Leadership Award which inspired the company to create the WEPs Brazil Award 2014, approved by the WEPs Secretariat in New York City.



Webinar - How to Tackle the Unconscious Mind for Inclusive Behavior

May 12, 2014

Many business leaders worldwide support inclusion and diversity, and a number of organizations are raising unconscious bias awareness in an effort to foster an inclusive culture. Tackling bias through training sessions on unconscious bias are an important step but far from enough. This webinar will look at practical interventions called 'Inclusion Nudges' that passively and actively ‘push’ the unconscious mind to help the brain make better decisions and promote more inclusive behaviour - that will stick. The purpose of Inclusion Nudges is to motivate, steer, empower and outsmart the brain towards more objective evaluations and decision in the employee life cycle that will promote gender equality and inclusion of diversity. Ms. Tinna C. Nielsen, Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Collaboration at Arla Foods and Ms. Lisa Kepinski, Founder & CEO of Inclusion-Institute will share their concept and how Inclusion Nudges work and have been proven to work in various organizations globally.

Date: Monday, May 12, 2014
Time: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT


Webinar - Respecting and Supporting Women throughout the Value Chain

May 21, 2014

Embedding corporate sustainability goals and objectives throughout the value chain remains a significant challenge for businesses around the world from all sectors. This webinar will focus on the gender dimension of responsible value chain management and highlight the specific challenges and opportunities faced by companies. Principle 5 of the Women's Empowerment Principles -- which encourages companies to implement enterprise development, supply chain and marketing practices that empower women -- will provide a starting point for discussion. Company experiences, new programmes and engagement opportunities aimed at assisting companies to better apply a gender lens to their responsible value chain strategies will be presented.

For more information, please contact Zak Martellucci ( and Elena Bombis (

Date: Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM EST



Groundbreaking Women in Construction

June 12, 2014
New York, NY
Amy Ecolino

The 5th annual Groundbreaking Women in Construction conference, "Personal Career Strategies to Advance Your Professional Path," will explore the challenges women face in construction and how they compare to other industries, investigate tactics for overcoming stereotypes in the workplace and outline strategies for expanding personal networks to help women identify and manage opportunities for professional growth. In alignment with Women's Empowerment Principles (specifically Principles 2 and 4), this event promotes gender equality at all levels of the construction industry through education, training and professional development for women and serves as a forum for women at all levels to discuss issues of diversity and inclusion and recommend best practices for closing the gender divide and empowering new generations of women leaders.

For more information or to register, please click here.

Women and Career Negotiation

June 19, 2014
Cambridge, MA

The Women and Career Negotiation program is designed to help women develop individual strategies for improving both their negotiation and social outcomes in career negotiations. Taught by Hannah Riley Bowles from Harvard's Kennedy School, the program examines gender and negotiation by focusing on three key issues:

1) Opportunity: women sometimes have fewer opportunities than men,

2) Ambiguity: uncertaintly can highten the potential for gender effects, and 

3) Work and family: gender in job negotiations is a two-level game

It will also focus on ways that leaders, both male and female, can better advise female colleagues in their career negotiations and help address their own organizational barriers to women’s career negotiations.

For more information, press here.





Women Vendors Exhibition and Forum (WVEF) 2014

September 16, 2014 - September 17, 2014
Kigali, Rwanda

Join women business owners and representatives of corporations, governments and trade support institutions at WVEF 2014 on 16-17 September 2014 in Kigali, Rwanda. This global event provides buyers and sellers in select sectors the opportunity to explore business partnerships, build skills and engage with dynamic public and private sector leaders from around the world. This year’s event will focus on the coffee and services sector. More information.

The WVEF provides a key opportunity to implement WEPs Principle 5, which calls on business to expand business relationships with women-owned enterprises.  As a business committed to inclusive sourcing this is a prime opportunity to expand your procurement opportunities and implement Principle 5 of the WEPs.  

To apply to participate please complete the Buyers Profile Form. The deadline for receipt of applications is 30 April 2014.

Hosted annually by the International Trade Centre, the Global Platform for Action on Sourcing from Women Vendors seeks to increase the share of corporate, government and institutional contracts awarded to women-owned businesses. Launched in 2010, the Global Platform has a 10-year strategy to link buyers, sellers and institutions to build an ongoing capacity of suppliers to meet buyers’ requirements for the ultimate purpose of facilitating sales.

For Criteria and Background Information, please visit the ITC's Global Platform for Action on Sourcing from Women Vendors website.

We also invite you to nominate businesswomen in your networks by completing the Women Vendor Application Form.

For additional information please contact