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Collective Action Against Corruption: Gender Perspectives

Co-hosted by the UN Global Compact and the Pan-African Chamber of Commerce, with support by Siemens Integrity Initiative, the multi-stakeholder forum explored how women are uniquely affected by corruption and the role of collective action in tacking this issue. The event was organized on the margins of the African Union’s January 2015 Summit, marking Agenda 2063 which calls for the development of Africa's human capital – with a particular focus on women and the promotion of transparent and peaceful societies – to realize a sustainable future for the continent. The forum brought together stakeholders from the Ethiopian and broader African business communities, Government and civil society, as well as representatives from UN Women and other international organizations. A panel discussion was held on the topic of “Collective Action against Corruption for Women’s Empowerment and Development”. Speakers explored the complexities of corruption issues, specifically as they pertain to women, and shared examples of how their organisations are fighting corruption, specifically highlighting the benefits of collective action. Participants concluded that involvement of more women in the political and corporate decision-making processes, as well as the overall economic empowerment of women, are key to achieving a more transparent and inclusive society. The Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) lays out 7 Principles for achieving just that, advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace, marketplace and community. Companies, particularly female-owned businesses, were encouraged to sign the UN Global Compact’s Call to Action: Anti-Corruption and the Global Development Agenda. The Call to Action, which has been signed by more than 275 business and investors worldwide, is an appeal by the private sector to Governments to include good governance and transparency in the global development agenda.


Austrade Endorses the Women's Empowerment Principles and Launches the Beryl Wilson Scholarship

The Hon Mr Andrew Robb AO MP, Minister for Trade and Investment will announce the winner of the Beryl Wilson Austrade Scholarship for Women in International Business on 23 February. The scholarship was established in 2013 in recognition of Mrs Beryl Wilson, the first woman to be appointed as a Trade Commissioner for Australia. The Scholarship, which provides up to $40,000 in support, is in its second year and is open to women enrolled full time in the final year of a master’s degree in international business.

Ms Elizabeth Broderick, Australia's Sex Discrimination Commissioner and Global Co-Chair of the Women's Empowerment Principles Leadership Group, will attend the event and announce Austrade’s endorsement of the Women’s Empowerment Principles and encourage business leaders to sign the CEO Statement of Support for the WEPs.

The 8th Annual Global Diversity & Inclusion Seminar Barcelona

The 8th Annual Global Diversity & Inclusion Seminar Barcelona is a two-day conference gathering global diversity practitioners to discuss new developments in the area of diversity, inclusion, talent, leadership, women in leadership and other topics related to the Women's Empowerment Principles. To learn more, see full agenda.


Women's Economic Empowerment

Promoting female entrepreneurship is seen as one of the potential ways to revive the economic growth through generating employment and contributing to the GDP. This event, hosted by the Croatian Employer's Association and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, will highlight the various ways to empower women economically. Many of the leading world economies including the UK have recognised the need to stimulate the female entrepreneurship which will be discussed at the panel "Economic case for women’s enterprise”. The gender balance in Supervisory Boards will be discussed at the panel titled “Enhancing Supervisory Board Performance”. The diversity at Boards brings new ideas and challenges the strategies from many different angles leading to improved corporate governance. The empirical evidence indicates that the listed firms benefited from the diversity at their Supervisory Boards through outperforming the stock exchange indices. The event will also mark the occasion of the International Women’s Day. The EBRD Women in business workshop will be organized in the afternoon session with a special focus on women enterprises promoting EBRD program for Women in business funded by Taiwan-EBRD Cooperation Fund.

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2015 Women's Empowerment Principles Annual Event

This year a number of global milestones – the twentieth anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action (PfA), and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – provide a unique opportunity to ensure that the business community is a key partner in achieving gender equality.
Held as part of the official CSW59/Beijing+20 programme, the 2015 Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Annual Event will bring together leaders from business, Government, the UN and civil society to reflect on the implications of the PfA and the SDGs, and project an action agenda driven by WEPs champions. Held on 10-11 March 2015 in New York, the event will also focus on concrete steps and actions that business can take to advance gender equality in the workplace, marketplace and community.
The UN Global Compact and UN Women are pleased to announce Hillary Rodham Clinton, former Secretary of State of the United States, as the featured keynote speaker at the 2015 WEPs Event on 10 March. After nearly four decades of public service as First Lady, Senator, and U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton now helps lead the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Throughout her career, she has championed rights and opportunities for women and girls. She led the U.S. delegation to the Fourth UN World Conference on Women in 1995 in Beijing, where she delivered her historic speech and proclaimed “women’s rights are human rights”. In her keynote address, Secretary Clinton will reflect on progress made in implementing the agenda set in Beijing two decades ago. She will present key findings and recommendations from "No Ceilings: The Full Participation Report" and outline an agenda to accelerate the full participation of women and girls around the world. 

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Sponsorship Opportunities

A variety of Sponsorship Opportunities bring recognition throughout the two-day event, on electronic and on-site meeting materials and on the WEPs widely viewed website. The WEPs initiative expresses its deep appreciation to all sponsors and contributors and encourages WEPs companies to engage.  For questions, contact Lauren Gula ([email protected]).

Saving Lives, Protecting Futures: Every Woman Every Child Progress Report

The UN Secretary-General will be hosting an Every Woman Every Child high-level event, Saving Lives, Protecting Futures on 10 March at 10:30 - 11:45 during the Commission on the Status of Women. At the event, the Secretary-General will launch a Progress Report on his Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health. Almost five years since the launch of the Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health and subsequent Every Woman Every Child movement, this Progress Report will provide the Secretary-General with an opportunity to report back to Member States and other multi-stakeholder partners on the progress made and lessons learned. The report also sets the rationale for continued and accelerated action for the unfinished Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) agenda. Additional details may be found at

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Bringing Down the Barriers: Women, Business and the Rule of Law

This working breakfast session, hosted by the UN Global Compact, International Development Law Organization, International Chamber of Commerce and the United States Council for International Business, aims to foster knowledge exchange and enhance dialogue for partnerships on issues related to women, business and the rule of law through the lens of the post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda and the proposed Sustainable Development Goals. The session will examine how establishing conducive enabling environments and good governance (Goal 16) helps women thrive as entrepreneurs and employees, which can foster, and is fostering greater and more inclusive sustainable development.

This session will further address recent research by the World Bank - IFC Women, Business and the Law 2014: Removing Restrictions to Enhance Gender Equality which shows that economies in every region of the world impose some legal differences based on gender that impede women from achieving their full potential in their role as employees and/or entrepreneurs.

Women in Procurement

March 16, 2015
New York City, USA

This session, co-hosted by the Commonwealth Businesswomen's Network and UN Development Business, will discuss women's role in the global procurement market and explore how procurement factors into women's economic empowerment in the Post 2015 Global Development Agenda.


Inclusive Business that Empowers Women

UN Women, USAID and the SEEP Network have teamed up to offer you an opportunity to engage with key experts on both conceptual and practical issues around women’s economic empowerment in inclusive market systems. Following an exceptionally well-attended first webinar and online discussion from the learning series "Women’s Economic Empowerment in Inclusive Market Systems Development", we will now dive into some practical implications. The second webinar and online discussion will look at how implementing organizations can promote inclusive business practices that empower women, what specific incentives can drive the private sector to adopt such practices, key lessons for selecting appropriate private sector partners, and how to effectively make the “business case”. The webinar will take place on 31 March from 9:30am to 11:00am, and an online discussion will follow from 31 March to 14 April with the participation of moderators and experts from different businesses across the world.

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