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Your retirement portfolio and savings might have grown over the years through stocks, bonds, and real estate. Allocating in growth areas heavily and early can make your portfolio swell in wealth when you have a lot of time left. However, as you get closer to your actual retirement, you will need diversification and security.

You can do both with precious metals, as they offer diversity from paper assets and also provide a lot of security. Precious metals have risk and volatility, like any other market, but they also provide unique advantages. Silver and gold work as a great hedge against stock market downswings and high inflation, nor do they lose value quickly.

A gold or precious metal IRA can let you invest in this particular asset class while avoiding taxes on any gains you generate. There are many brokers you might use, but Regal Assets should be one you look at. They make things really simple.

Regal Assets: A First Glance

Before you can decide whether or not Regal Assets is right for you, an in-depth analysis is necessary. Then again, before that, you should know some quick facts about them.

How to Reach Them

You can Click Here to visit their official website. You can also call them through their toll-free number of 855-353-3915.

Fees They Charge

You shouldn't face any setup fees for setting up a gold IRA. Storage and administration fees might even be waived for the first year. However, you'll possibly face up to $250 in annual fees to cover those things in subsequent years.

Minimum Investment Levels

You need to invest at least $10,000 to get started. This is lower than many of their peers wanting $25,000 to $50,000.

Specials, Deals, Bonuses

Certain qualified investments might get a 10% matching in free metals. For the minimum investment, that can mean $10,000 turns into $11,000 right off the bat.

Primary Features

There are two things about Regal Assets that you might find attractive as an investor. One, they only work with bullion. That might limit your purchasing options at the beginning, but it also means that liquidation of your holdings is unbelievably simple when you close out the account.

Two, they let you invest in dozens of cryptocurrencies at the same time if you want. Whether or not you should diversify into cryptocurrencies is beyond our expertise in precious metals. However, it is another alternative asset class you can diversify into, and Regal Assets lets you do it in the same self-directed IRA as precious metals.

Bullion-only makes for easy liquidation
Forbes Finance Council membership
Investment minimums are attainable by many investors
You pay no extra fees if you sell back
Thousands of high-level reviews
Decade of experience behind this brand alone
Website could have more information regarding management team
B- rating from Better Business Bureau

A Closer Look into RA

regal assets

You can buy precious metals bullion through Regal Assets. For just $5,000, you can do a transaction outside IRA rules and keep the metals for yourself. You'd be bypassing tremendous tax benefits though.

A gold IRA account is where you make more money because of all the taxes and fees you don't pay. Regal Assets won't just do gold and silver, as they also have platinum and palladium products. This sets them apart from several of their gold-and-silver-only industry peers.

A gold IRA has three things going for it other than just avoiding taxes because any IRA can do that. A gold IRA will help you diversify your portfolio, give your wealth protection from inflation, and help you hedge when there's economic turbulence. You can do all that much easier if you diversify into all four of these precious metals instead of just one or two.

It's still great to invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual funds, and ETFs. Quite a few financial advisors actually only advocate for 5% to 15% of a retirement portfolio going into precious metals, although the exact choice is yours. Numbers like those give you enough exposure to capitalize on growth while keeping your overall portfolio properly diversified.

The balancing act is a constant battle. You want to have enough precious metals to take advantage of the security and growth potential. Then again, you don't want to put everything you own in one place.

Regal Assets Website

Diversifying within your precious metal portfolio makes sense. Gold has historically done better than even the stock market when looking back 50 years, but silver might actually be growing faster in the last decade. Regal Assets is the rare gold IRA broker that even lets you mix in cryptocurrencies with precious metals, although the historical data of digital currencies is much shorter and considerably riskier than precious metals.

Platinum and palladium are both things you might want to learn more about. Regal Assets does have client educational resources, although not to the level of Birch or Augusta. Still, so many investors focus on silver and gold that palladium and platinum sometimes have untapped high-side potential.

Regal Assets is a good place if you don't want to put too much into precious metals. For just $10,000, you can get exposure to the sector. You can even split that up and spread it across four different metals just to have a starting idea of how to diversify.

That's a simple way to start, and Regal Assets does make things simple. You still want to know what your personal investment goals are, what your timeline is, and what your level of risk tolerance is. Every metal has pros and cons, and that applies to every bullion product they have.

The customer service at Regal Assets can help you with all of this. While their customer service isn't in the top three of the industry, it's well above industry averages and helps them earn their way into the top five. They can help you decide which products would serve your portfolio best.

The Founder & CEO

Regal Assets was founded by Tyler Gallagher. He did that in 2009. He's still the Chief Executive Officer now.

Since 2009, he's grown this alternative asset business into a company listed on the Inc. 500. Aside from home offices in California, Regal Assets had grown internationally. They have offices in London, Toronto, and Dubai.

Things didn't start that way. Mr. Gallagher got to Los Angeles nearly broke. His early entrepreneurship was a story of picking himself up by his bootstraps.

In fact, he often had to sleep in his car. It wasn't easy for him to keep a place to call his own and rest at night. Ongoing work and dedication drove him to begin Regal Assets.

These days, Mr. Gallagher is renowned throughout the industry for his knowledge and experience. He's considered an expert in both alternative assets at large and precious metals in particular. This is one of the reasons why Regal Assets is ahead of the curve with thy hybrid IRA that allows cryptocurrencies and precious metals at the same time.

Mr. Gallagher is a regular guest for opinions and insights. Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global, Forbes, and RT television have all used him as a contributor. He makes appearances in international media on a regular basis, too.

According to LinkedIn, Regal Assets employs 55 professionals. For the industry, that is not a small business. In fact, neither Goldco nor Augusta Precious Metals have that many employees.

Services Regal Assets Provides

The main service that Regal Assets offers users is simplicity. You can roll over other retirement accounts into your gold IRA for tax-free investing with precious metals. Any gains you get from those metals won't be taxed.

When you decide to cash out the account, you can do so easily. They buy back bullion with no extra fees. Your funds are tax-sheltered to protect their value until you need them.

Regal Assets even lets you invest in cryptocurrencies and precious metals at the same time for more simplicity if you want. Most other brokers don't have this feature. Then again, cryptocurrencies are very volatile compared to precious metals, so while both are alternative asset classes, they don't have anywhere near the same performance.

There is one service you won't find, and that's coins and collectibles. A big reason behind that is sticking to IRS rules for gold IRA holdings. However, it's also about the bullion-only policy for simple liquidation.

Let the Numbers Do the Talking

Actual hard numbers go a long way in determining whether or not Regal Assets or any broker is going to work out for you. Some we know now, but others you have to find out for yourself.

Products and Prices

Regal Assets lists its current products through its website. However, you have to contact them to find out the prices. It's an extra step on your part, but it's understandable on their end considering how often prices for precious metals can change over the course of a business day.

What we can tell you is that you're unlikely to get hit with pushy sales tactics from Regal Assets. Remember, they only deal in bullion. They like to keep things simple, for your sake and theirs.

Fees and Expenses

You'll pay nothing for setting your IRA up. You also won't face any fees for doing a rollover from another retirement account. If you invest enough, Regal Assets might even waive your first-year fees.

If your investment is big enough, you might enjoy 10% in free metals. That immediately increases the size of your stockpile. Generating more gains makes it more likely that you will offset the annual fees you will face.

You will have recurring annual fees after you set things up. Expect $100 for each year of administrative costs for the plan. Storage and custodian fees will probably run $150.

Liquidation is super simple at the end of your account. That's primarily because they only deal in bullion. However, it's also because they pay listed prices without a buyback fee.

Minimum Investments

A gold IRA through Regal Assets will set you back $10,000. That can seem like lots of money. Then again, for someone saving for retirement and closing in on their golden years, it really should be just a sliver of their portfolio overall.

Other brokers want $25,000 or twice as much for their minimums. That rules out many investors. Regal Assets makes the tax benefits of a precious metals IRA possible for many more investors, including those who could do more but just don't want to.

Recommendations for portfolio percentages in precious metals often range from 5% to 15%. If you tend to stay closer to 5%, then a lower investment minimum might appeal to you. It might also mean opening up accounts at two different brokers to spread your money around more.

What People Say Online

With more than a decade of operations, Regal Assets has had time to generate plenty of online reviews. The average ratings, reviews, and complaints can tell you a lot about a business. Regal Assets doesn't have a flawless reputation, and that might be something holding them back a little from the top players in the industry; then again, the ratings are still pretty good, and that's why they're in the top five conversations.

The BBB rates them as B-. Four complaints have been registered. However, all of them have been successfully resolved.

They have a complaint filed through the Business Consumer Alliance. It was also resolved. The BCA rates Regal Assets as AAA.

Thousands of combined reviews at TrustLink and BirdEye average out to 4.9/5.0 on both platforms. Those are outstanding numbers. They only get 3.8/5.0 through TrustPilot reviewers, however, although that's based on only five reviewers.

Key Takeaways

Regal Assets is an easy way to diversify your portfolio with precious metals. They are stringent about what they actually deal with, so making investment decisions is simple. You'll also wind up with simple liquidation when it comes time to close your account.

You can even extend the simplicity of diversification by also dipping into a different alternative asset, namely cryptocurrencies. You can knock out at the same time as precious metals if you want. We're experts on precious metals though, so we can't advise you if that's a good move or not.

We just like how simple Regal Assets makes anything you want to do through them. They've made a good case for themselves. Nothing they do really puts them head and shoulders above their peers, but they certainly have earned a place in the top-five tier of the industry.

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