Noble Gold Review

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Hopefully, you started saving for retirement early in life. By now, you've likely got quite the nest egg saved up. It might not feel like enough, but you want to protect what you've got.

When you have the option to do a rollover from an IRA or 401(k) plan, you have a lot of options. One of them is a gold IRA. Also known as a precious metals IRA, you can buy gold and silver products to preserve some of your wealth and hopefully even grow them. You get to do this in a tax-sheltered format that lets you keep all your gains.

You'll need a broker to set this up for you. Noble Gold is one such option. They can create your self-directed IRA, buy the various precious metals, and arrange for a custodian to keep them safe for you.

Noble Gold is a great choice if you want low minimum investment levels and great customer education. However, you should also know that they're relatively new to the industry.

A Quick Overview

Before going through an in-depth review of the entire company, it's worth looking over some fast facts about this business.

How to Reach Them

You can Click Here to visit their official website.

How Fees Are Structured

Annual administrative fees typically average $80 per year for the logistics of maintaining your gold IRA account. Custodian, storage, and insurance fees can range from $150 to $250 per year.

The Minimum Investment Level

Noble Gold might run specials for new investors from time to time. They would be listed on their website. These deals often change with each month, but one example is several free ounces of silver.

Key Features

The primary features of working with Noble Gold are good customer service, low investment minimums, pictures of your actual precious metals, and education useful for introducing precious metals investing to those who are new to the sector.

Advisors are knowledgeable
High-caliber customer service
Low minimum investment
Sign-up process is quick and simple
Lack of international storage options
Newer to industry than competition

In-Depth View of the Company

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If you're reading this review of Noble Gold, then you're probably reading lots of reviews about gold IRA brokers. What you really want to know is what makes Noble Gold unique and different from the competition. Let's do that right now.

One thing you might not think about at the start of a gold IRA but should be on your mind is the possibility of a buyback option. Noble Gold has one, so you can sell gold and silver back to them. You can do that via live chat or on the phone to make liquidation easy when the account reaches its end.

Client education is another thing that makes Noble Gold stand out. Several brokers have strong reputations for this, but Noble is trying hard to join them in terms of keeping clients informed about their investment choices and the precious metals industry at large. You can expect newsletters, seminars, and workshops to be happening all of the time.

If you don't want to get hit with unexpected charges, then Noble Gold is a great way to go. The administrative charges and storage costs are either at or below industry averages. Noble Gold isn't going to hit you with fees that you don't see coming.

You'll get free guidance if you're doing a rollover from your 401(k) or IRA into a gold IRA. They'll work with you through every step of the process in the investment process. You'll still need to do a few signatures and make a few decisions, but they can handle a lot of the logistics for you.

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You can choose from many different products. Some precious metal brokers only deal in gold and silver, but Noble Gold also has palladium and platinum. This means you can diversify even within the industry.

Noble Gold has great partnerships with storage facilities. The IRS mandates that gold IRA precious metals be stored in an approved depository. Noble Gold works with modern storage facilities in Delaware, Texas, and Canada.

You can meet the staff in many different ways. You can meet members of the Noble Team in person in a number of different locations. You can also do phone meetings or online communications.

Investors with smaller budgets can take advantage of the low investment minimum of $2,000. This can be advantageous to younger investors that maybe don't have nearly as much capital to invest. You can also buy Noble Gold products with both American and Canadian dollars, as they accept both currencies.

Younger investors might also like how Noble Gold is one of the newer members of the industry. Their leadership team does have decades of collective precious metals experience, but their client education and customer service are geared towards investors who are new to the precious metals scene. You can get started with minimal investment and learn along the way.

Their History

Collin Plume is the name you need to know behind Noble Gold. He owns the company, and he was the founder. He remains in place as the Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Plume's background is in real estate, although he did spend almost six years working for Regal Assets as a gold IRA advisor. He worked for a short while in digital marketing before launching Noble Gold. Since April of 2021, he's also served as CEO of My Digital Money.

He's followed on LinkedIn by over 13,000 people. Many in the industry consider him to be one of the foremost thought leaders. He's known for opinion pieces and interviews throughout the industry where he shares his thoughts about investing in gold and precious metals in general.

He's the reason that Noble Gold doesn't use pushy sales tactics to get investors to adopt their services or products. Instead, the company practices honesty. They use friendly but professional techniques to help customers access their knowledge and expertise in conserving wealth through precious metal investing.

The founders at Noble Gold think that investors should be healthy with their investment profile with an eye on the long-term strategy through the precious metals industry. They work hard to keep their customers satisfied in any way they can. Their advice is usually as good as you'll find from anyone.

Services They Provide

Noble Gold offers a number of different services. They include precious metal IRAs, a unique specialty service called the Royal Survival Pack, and precious metal bullion. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

investing in precious metals through a Noble Gold IRA is your best bet for making the most money. You'll have a great chance of preserving the wealth you do a rollover for into such an account, but you'll also enjoy your gains without getting taxed on them. As long as your annual gains surpass the annual administrative and storage costs, you'll come out ahead.

You can choose from either a gold IRA or a silver IRA. Both have many benefits. They include hedging against inflation and retaining their value in the face of stocks or fiat currencies losing value, especially since they are both global currencies that have been used for money for thousands of years.

Gold alone can be valuable because of its historical stability and growth. It held up well during the dot-com bubble burst, the Great Recession, and the pandemic. Over the last five decades, it's actually outpaced many stock indices.

Silver is sometimes more available to purchase than gold, given the demand. If you look at it over the last 10 years, you'll see that there are many times when it had double-digit growth in value that did better than gold.

The Royal Survival Pack is a unique specialty service that isn't intended to be a profitable investment or even a retirement plan. Rather, it is supposed to be a source of emergency funds. It's available to survivalists who are preparing for a point in time in the future when conventional banking might collapse and global currencies become worthless.

Owners of these packs can convert their savings into physical coins, primarily gold and silver, so they can trade for goods. The whole n notion is being able to access assets that are easy to liquidate for survival resources should the stock market crash. Home delivery is an option.

Noble Gold will sell you precious metal bullion if you want it outside of an IRA account. Not all precious metal brokers deal in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, as some do just gold and silver. However, Noble Gold lets you deal with all four.

You can get government-approved coins and bullion for your IRA account. You can also just buy raw for your own personal possession. If you do that, you will face normal taxes on all transactions, however.

Numbers You Should Know

Your dealings with Noble Gold, if you choose to do business with them, would be based on trying to preserve wealth and make money. The specific fees, prices, and minimums would then potentially make or break your decision to do business with them.

Their Prices

You'll have to go to the website of Noble Gold to see what the current products and prices are for precious metals. This is actually common for gold IRA brokers. Products will change subject to availability.

Also, prices will change quite often based on market values. While precious metals aren't typically anywhere as volatile in value as stocks or bonds, they do have prices go up and down based on market demand. That's why we can't possibly list Noble Gold prices here with any accuracy.

We can tell you that the fee information on the website of Noble Gold seems to be honest and straightforward. Not all their competition can claim the same to be true.

Fees They Charge

Expect to pay annual fees of $80 to Noble Gold for the administrative costs of your Gold IRA account. Custodian and storage fees can range from $150 to $250 per year based on the facility you choose and if you get segregated storage or not. The annual storage fees do include insurance to protect you from the potential loss of your precious metals.

Their Minimums

The minimum investment level at Noble Gold is only $2,000. This is way below the industry average, and it might just be the lowest for any gold IRA broker. Investors of all savings levels can access gold IRA benefits thanks to Noble Gold because of this.

This is wonderful news for several different kinds of investors. Those who simply don't have that much saved up can still put some of their individual portfolios into precious metals, but investors who have more but don't want to put too much into precious metals can still join the party. It might even prove useful for investors who choose to use more than one broker at the same time.

Their Gold IRA Reviewed

Doing a gold IRA through them has three particular advantages you can benefit from. That includes fast sign-up, low investment minimums, and easy buyback. Each of the three might be important to you.

The quick sign-up is something that can actually happen in as little as 5 minutes for the initial account creation. Getting the ball rolling on this quickly is of paramount importance. The IRS only allows you 60 days to do a rollover without taxes, fees, or penalties, so it's great to know Noble Gold handles their end of things in a very expedient fashion.

The low minimum investment of $2,000 is worth mentioning yet again because it's so low compared to industry peers that might want $10,000, $25,000, or even $50,000. Setting a low bar means that younger investors or those who started saving later in life can still enjoy the many advantages that might come with precious metal investing. It's also great if you just don't want to put as much into precious metals as others might decide to do.

Simple buyback is something you might not worry about until later in your gold IRA account, but it's a nice option to have. They do offer delivery if you choose to just take personal possession of your physical precious metals. However, buyback with no surprise fees also means you can liquidate your holdings into cash funds you can move elsewhere as you see fit.

These three features might seem disconnected, but the glue that binds them all together would be customer service and client education. You're always going to be treated well with Noble Gold, and you'll always know what's going on with your metals and the industry overall.

Opening Your Account

Opening your account only takes a few minutes to start the process with Noble Gold. There are more steps than that involved. However, just getting things started is easy enough.

If you're doing a rollover, you'll have to inform the previous plan administrator of two things. First, they need to know that you're doing a rollover to Noble Gold specifically. Second, you need to tell them how much of your funds to roll over to your precious metal IRA.

You might be asked about doing a direct transfer or an indirect transfer. Direct transfer is usually the smarter option. You won't wind up with the funds yourself at any point, so it's faster and simpler.

An indirect transfer gets more complicated and can risk taxes, penalties, or fees. In either case, you need to make sure the transfer happens within 60 days to qualify for IRS rollover rules. If not, you'll start losing money, and that's entirely opposite of what you want to do.

Online Reviews About Them

Noble Gold didn't start until 2016. That means there's been some time for reviews to come in, but they don't have as much client feedback and history as others in the industry.

At the time of writing, they did have 5.0/5.0 averages from multiple reviews through Consumer Affairs, TrustLink, Yelp, Business Consumer Alliance, and the Better Business Bureau. Their actual BBB rating was A, but not A+. The BCA actually rates them as BB. They have had multiple complaints through both BCA and BBB.

Do Any Celebrities Endorse Them?

Other gold IRA brokers seem to have a handful of celebrity endorsements, but at the time of writing, Noble Gold was not among them. Whether or not this is a useful metric is completely up to you.

Key Takeaways

Noble Gold is one of many choices you have as a gold IRA broker. Their customer service is pretty solid, but their low investment minimums and client education might make them appealing to new investors. The company has been around less than a decade, though, so they're not as established or experienced as many of their competition.

This is an up-and-coming broker that's good enough to be considered among the top five industry players. It's better than most brokers in the industry, so it's a generally solid choice to consider for your own wealth. Having said that, it may need more time to do anything notable enough to surpass the established industry leaders ahead of it.

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