Goldco Review

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If you want to save money towards retirement without paying taxes, then you have many types of accounts you can use. Many people working for employers can use 401(k) plans. Adults in other careers might be able to use 403(b) plans.

Most citizens can take advantage of IRA options known as individual retirement accounts. Lots of IRAs are traditional or conventional, but there are also some known as Roth IRAs. Another kind of IRA you might use is called a gold IRA which lets you invest specifically in precious metals.

Such accounts need brokers. Goldco is the name of one of these gold IRA brokers. This business helps its clients start their accounts, buy particular precious metals, and even make custodial arrangements to keep them safe.

If you have yet to start investing in a gold IRA or precious metals in general, then you might find Goldco a great place to get started. They might just be the best broker in the business. You can find out why this is by continuing your reading into the following content.

A Quick Overview

There's a lot to learn about Goldco, but first, it's useful to go over a handful of basic information that helps you get an overview of the company.

How to Reach Them

You can Click Here to visit their official website.

Fees Involved

Annual fees usually run $80 or more. You'll also have custodial fees, but they will differ based on which depository you wind up choosing for your storage.

Required Minimum Investment Level

Starting a gold IRA here will set you back at least $25,000. That can be a pretty high standard for certain investors who don't have that much or just don't want to invest that much.

  • Specials, Deals, Bonuses

    You might qualify for getting your first year of fees waived. Some investors can also qualify for free silver products equaling 10% of their total investment. That means on a $100,000 order, you get up to $10,000 in free silver!

Notable Features

Goldco lives up to its name in how it might be the gold standard for gold IRA broker service. They have made a name for themselves in terms of superior customer service, and they've been building that reputation for more than 10 years. Look up the customer reviews for yourself on many rating platforms, and you might have a hard time believing that they're actually true.

First-year fees might get waived
Advisors and staff don't resort to pushy sales tactics
Excellent scores from 1000+ verified reviews
Has the highest buy back guarantee
Flat annual fee structure without any surprises
Competitive $80 annual fee
Segregated and non-segregated storage options
Goldco wants clients to make the best-possible investment choices
Staff is incredibly friendly and shares their knowledge openly
Only deal in gold and silver but not platinum and palladium
$25,000 minimum investment

A Broader Look at Goldco

goldco review

Goldco is a privately owned company. Their specialty is helping clients protect their retirement wealth and financial assets. Goldco started in 2011, and they've proven very good at guiding their clientele towards successful retirement preparations by using precious metal IRAs.

The biggest thing that Goldco does is help many investors do rollovers of their current retirement savings into precious metal IRAs that contain gold and silver. The company has a lot of gold IRA experts on its staff. The reputation of the company is amazing, and they're probably the best in the industry.

Goldco's entire business model is built on being the best in terms of customer service. Great customer service is common in the industry for prospects considering opening an account, but Goldco maintains strong customer service levels even when your account is already active or you're winding things down. Prompt communications and plenty of help always await you no matter what you need to do with them.

This broker knows how challenging it is to save for retirement. They know that investors might save money for decades and make smart money moves only to see their retirement funds disappear just before they retire. This financial nightmare has happened several times since the turn of the new millennium.

The Great Recession was one such event. Many investors discovered too late that they can lose wealth a lot quicker than they generated it. Goldco offers precious metal retirement products that just don't crash as paper assets do so that investors can have a safe haven to weather market crashes.

Precious metal investments have proven hedges against inflation and economic turbulence more often than just the 2008 recession. The dot-com bubble burst and two recessions happened in the first few years of the new century. More recently, everyone went through the scare of the pandemic.

goldco website

Tax advantages are another big thing to appreciate about precious metal IRAs. Any IRA lets you generate tax-free gains on your investment. If you do a rollover right, you won't even pay taxes on the transfer.

Rollovers are simple with Goldco. You can take funds from nearly any kind of IRA, 401(k), or 403(b), and put it into a gold IRA. Precious metals just don't suffer inflation, and their value actually goes up a lot of the time.

There's a limited supply of gold around the world. That helps it avoid inflation since no one can just print more of it. Even when inflation is low, the American dollar might average 2% or 3% inflation each year, but it's even worse right now.

If precious metals go up in value, then they'll not only hedge inflation but actually generate wealth for you. Gold has actually generated more value in the last five decades than the stock market in terms of overall growth. Its value still goes up and down, but the gains historically far outpace the losses.

If diversification of your assets is important to you, then precious metals are a place to put some of your money. You can do a lot of diversification just with stocks and bonds. However, precious metals are an alternative asset class.

The final stage once you fund your self-directed IRA is to choose the particular precious metal products you want to be included in your account. Goldco's experts can really step up and help you out here. They can point out which products meet IRS requirements but should also serve as good investments that grow in value over time.

Not all gold and silver will qualify for IRS rules regarding gold IRAs. There is a minimal fineness requirement of 0.995. On the other hand, Goldco does have extensive lists of selections you can buy that do meet the rules.

Goldco has partnerships with quite a few mints throughout the nation and around the world so they can offer you eligible coins of high quality. When the time comes to close your account, they even have guaranteed buyback at high prices for easy liquidation. They really do make things as easy for you at the end as they do at the start.

Numbers That Matter

Goldco is probably the best gold IRA broker in the industry. However, that doesn't make them an automatic match for everyone. Whether or not they truly fit is often based on the specific numbers and how they apply to your personal situation.


The current prices for gold and silver coins and products aren't something we can list here. That's not because the information isn't available but just because of the nature of the industry. You can visit their website to see their current product lineup and inquire with them about pricing information.


Are you familiar with investing through mutual funds? Many of them charge a percentage of your assets each year for management costs. Precious metal IRAs also have fees, but they're often flat annual fees.

This is one case where more is better. Since fees are flat, the more you invest, the lower the fees will be relative to your account. You get charged flat fees no matter how much you have invested.

Custodial fees vary based on the specific facility and if you opt for segregated storage. Goldco often waives fees for the first year investors are with them. They also might waive them for anyone who has invested more than $50,000 overall.

Minimum Investment Level

If you want to get gold and silver from Goldco outside of a gold IRA, you have to spend $15,000. A rollover or any transaction that starts an IRA needs a minimum of $25,000 in funds. $50,000 is the best bet because you can enjoy the tax shelter, get your fees waived, and possibly even get a 5% matching in free silver.

Is Goldco Right for You?

If you're looking for a place to start your precious metal IRA, then Goldco is the first broker you need to think about. We think they're number one in the industry, and many others share that conclusion including the infamous American talk show host - Sean Hannity.  You may click on the banner below to request a free kit and learn why Sean Hannity endorses Goldco too.

sean hannityGoldco is a more established company than nearly anyone else in the business. That's not to say there aren't other brokers pushing them, but so far, nobody has gotten close to Goldco. The customer service is just top-notch. They're the gold standard, and it will be that way for some time to come.

It's impressive how Goldco has made themselves king of the hill. It's even more impressive how they've stayed there. Even with other brokers making strong cases for themselves, the gap separating them and Goldco is fairly broad.

Goldco can be a great option if you want to protect the savings you've accumulated for retirement. Count on their expert staff to make life easy for you. Also, don't worry about Goldco hitting you with fees all over the place.

Is Goldco the right broker for your gold IRA? If you have a lot of money to put into precious metals and think you deserve to be treated like nothing short of royalty, then the answer is probably yes.

Is Goldco the wrong broker for your precious metal IRA? If you have less than $25,000 to invest, then you can't enjoy their tax shelter advantages. Also, if you want to diversify into palladium and platinum, they don't deal in those.

What Others Say About Goldco

Goldco has been around a while, and they've had lots of customers use their services over the years. That means there are thousands of reviews you can sift through, and that can take a lot of time. However, more reviews usually give a better picture of the company.

Generally speaking, Goldco looks as good as they are. Google reviews average 4.7/5.0 when the thousands of reviews are tallied, and their thousands of reviews on Trustpilot average an even higher 4.8/5.0. The Better Business Bureau rates them an A+, and that's the best you can do.

Obviously, not all the reviews are perfect, but what business pleases everyone? Goldco certainly pleases most of their clients, and they've been doing it for years. The high averages after all this time speak volumes about why they're the best.

Key Takeaways

Goldco is the best broker recommendation we can make in this industry. They should be in anyone's top five. The customer service they provide is simply without rival.

If you want "white glove" treatment from a gold IRA broker, this is your only call. Not only are they the best in customer service, but they've been doing it at a high level for a long time. They also keep that level consistent after you open an account through to the end.

They don't deal in platinum or palladium, and the $25,000 investment level will obviously deter many investors. However, if you have $50,000 or more, you'll likely get fees waived and a couple of thousand dollars in free silver. Goldco takes its job very seriously, and they'll treat you just as seriously every time you deal with them.

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