Birch Gold Group Review

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One of the nice things about having a 401(k) account or an IRA is the ability to do a rollover into other tax-advantaged accounts. A great option is a gold IRA where you can invest in precious metals and benefit from no taxes on your gains. You need a gold IRA broker to make certain arrangements, and Birch Gold Group is one of the top options in the industry.

Birch Gold Group is one of the originals in this industry. They were founded in 2003, and they've been serving clients well for nearly 20 years. You're not going to have an easy time finding a gold IRA broker featuring that kind of track record.

The secret behind their success is a combination of precious metal expertise, high-quality customer service, client education, and low fees. They're a good all-around option that features multiple strong points. You get a balanced investing experience that's positive across the board.

They've got a lot of different positives to offer general investors, and they're worth a good look if you're in the market for a gold IRA broker to help you prepare for retirement.

Birch Gold Group: A Snapshot

Before we get into the serious analysis, there are some basic facts about Birch Gold Group that are useful to know.

How to Reach Them

You can Click Here to visit their official website.

Fees and Expenses

You'll pay $50 to set things up. Annual maintenance fees are usually $80, and yearly storage costs are often $100.

Minimum Investment Level

You'll need at least $10,000 for a gold IRA. This isn't the lowest in the industry, but it's lower than many of their competitors. More investors can obviously take advantage of this if they don't have that much saved up, but you can also benefit from it if you just don't want to put too much into precious metals.

Specials, Deals, Bonuses

Those who open an account with a minimum of $50,000 might see their first year of fees waived.

Primary Features

Birch Gold Group is among the best at customer service and client education. Their biggest selling point is how they balance both for a comprehensive high-level investment experience.

They deal in four precious metals instead of just gold and silver
Customer service is among the best
Nearly always some kinds of promotion going on
Low investment minimum opens doors to more investors
Low fees make account creation and annual maintenance cheaper
Free shipping
Lots of educational materials
Transparency about fees could be better
They don't actually guarantee buyback
Other brokers have more account options

A Deeper Look into Birch Gold

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Birch Gold Group is one of the industry's leading dealers. They really want their customers to enjoy a well-funded retirement. The gold IRAs they provide are supported through precious metals rather than paper assets, which means they are far more likely to keep their value when economic uncertainty hits.

This is crucial for retirement savers because you don't want to lose it all right before you retire thanks to a market crash. Stocks and bonds can see their value plummet overnight, but precious metals often hold true even when everything else goes sour. This has happened many times in the last 25 years, from the dot-com crash and two recessions following 9/11 through the Great Recession and the recent pandemic.

Birch puts a lot of work into educating its clients. They'd like their customers to always know what's going on with their money. They also want their customers to always know the optimal decisions they can make regarding their investments.

Not only does this broker emphasize education, but they do so in a number of different formats. The Birch website has a thorough library of content that you can access online anytime. To top that, the staff at Birch is always actively putting out content through interviews, podcasts, and social channels.

This content is far from self-promotion since it's there to guide clients to learn more about the precious metals industry. Birch Gold Group experts handle many topics. They cover everything from factors leading to unstable markets to growth cycles that happen from time to time.

birch gold group website

Birch Gold Group has been around since 2003. That makes them among the oldest players in the gold IRA industry. You won't find many, if any, that have been doing it as long as they have.

Birch's mission statement explains its philosophy quite well. These are the ideals that help them stand out among the best in the business. They actually have six specific principles that they commit themselves to.

The first is customer empowerment. Birch wants their customer to successfully generate wealth that will support their retirement. Working with Birch gives you avenues to pursue an effective self-directed gold IRA.

The second ideal is education, and Birch does this one better than most. They're right up there with Augusta Precious Metals in how much they help clients gain knowledge about precious metals options, pros, and cons. You'll not just know where your metals are in a depository but what they're doing for you over time.

The third ideal is empathy, and retirement investors need and deserve this. Everyone worries about whether or not they'll generate enough savings to live off of when the time comes. Precious metals are highly likely to retain their value and even grow some.

Ethics are the fourth ideal cherished by Birch. It's an unfortunate reality that the precious metals industry can suffer from corruption and theft at times, which is a big reason why the IRS mandates specific depositories. Birch is highly transparent about the safe storage and status of your metals at all times.

Transparency is the next ideal, and it overlaps with ethics a lot. Birch wants to earn your trust. If you are going to invest anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 or more with any business, then you should be able to actually trust them to follow the rules.

The final ideal is efficiency. It connects to transparency because you want to know that nothing is done in a confusing manner or without wasting your time and money. Efficiency keeps the overhead low at Birch, and it also means they avoid IRS penalties, taxes, and fees while organizing your gold IRA account.

Services That Birch Provides

There are two primary services that Birch Gold Group offers its clients. Acquisition of precious metals is one of them. Gold IRA accounts are the other.

Acquisition of precious metals is something you can do without arranging for a tax shelter. You could take possession of the precious metal products yourself. However, you're going to pay all the associated taxes.

A gold IRA saves you a lot of money in taxes you don't pay. You get all the benefits of an IRA, but you have precious metals in it instead of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. Birch can set things up for you.

You can do an account rollover with them. Transfer funds from other IRA accounts, such as conventional, SIMPLE, SEP, or Roth. You can also start a rollover from your 401(k) or 403(b).

Birch offers all these services with their gold IRA accounts. They'll go over the precious metal products they have for sale. You can see their prices, advantages, and potential downsides to make informed choices about the products they procure for your account.

You'll also get help from them in selecting an IRS-approved custodian. They work with several reputable storage facilities. You can find out how much each option costs.

Some depositories might offer you a choice between non-segregated or segregated storage. Segregated options cost more but keep your metals away from those of others. Non-segregated will cost less but might have higher odds of accidental mix-ups.

Some depositories only go one way or the other. You would not have a choice with them.

Numbers That Matter

When created right, a precious metals IRA is likely to preserve wealth and even grow it. However, you don't want to lose those gains to fees. Yet, you still have to pay them.

Product Prices

Prices for precious metals go up and down every day. Contact Birch directly to find out their specific lineups and what the prices are. While there is market movement, it's not usually nearly as volatile as the stock market.

What we can say is that Birch is among the industry brokers that deal in four precious metals instead of just gold and silver. That gives you more options.

Gold products include coins, bullion, and bars, whereas silver products are typically just coins and bars. Palladium options can be had as coins or bars, but only coins are available for platinum.


You'll face the first round of fees when starting your account, and then you'll have annual fees. Investors starting with $50,000 or more might get their fees waived for the first year.

Account setup is $50. Wire transfers have a fee of $30. Custodial setup is around $80.

Account administration is around $80 per year. Annual custodian fees covering storage and insurance usually land around $100.

Minimum Investment Level

It only takes $5,000 to buy precious metals through Birch, but you won't get any tax savings. You get a lot more gains if you go through a gold IRA starting at $10,000. Do this through a rollover to avoid even more taxes.

What People Are Saying

The online reviews for Birch Gold Group are resoundingly good. They aren't perfect, but a few complaints are to be expected for any company doing business for as long as Birch has. One positive note is how many of the complaints have gotten resolved.

The Better Business Bureau gives Birch an A+, and the Business Consumer Alliance rates them as AAA. Several hundred Google reviews average to 4.9/5.0, and more than a hundred TrustLink reviews average a 5-star rating.

The consistency is even more impressive than the high ratings. Two decades is a long time for any business to hold up to such high standards, but Birch consistently delivers year over year.

Key Takeaways

If you want a gold IRA broker with seriously good customer service, then consider Birch Gold Group. They're also among the top tier of brokers in this industry if you're looking for client education that helps you learn the precious metal industry. The balance of these two makes Birch a great all-around choice.

The real winning feature here might be the $10,000 minimum investment level. It opens things up for a lot more investors, and you can put the level of investment that's right for you. It's certainly friendlier terms than you get from a lot of the other industry players.

You can also take advantage of four precious metals through Birch Gold Group. While other brokers might just deal in gold and silver, you can also work with palladium and platinum through this broker. This is just another reason Birch is a strong choice.

While Birch Gold Group isn't the best gold IRA broker in any particular area, they are the top tier in multiple areas. Birch Gold Group also offers you tremendous customer service and client education, and they do so with lower account minimums than other brokers.

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