Augusta Precious Metals Review

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Depending on your personal preferences, it can be smart to put 5% up to 15% of your retirement portfolio into precious metals. You can diversify your holdings by using this alternative asset class instead of doing everything in paper assets, namely stocks and bonds. Using a gold IRA is even smarter because of the tax benefits, but you would need a broker to make the necessary arrangements.

Look around and you'll find quite a few different possibilities, but your shortlist should have Augusta Precious Metals. Their combination of client education, streamlined operations, and great customer service easily put them in the top three companies in the industry. Customers love how easy it is to work with them, and you'll discover they care about you making money with your investments.

Their streamlined operations make it easy to get connected to the people or teams within their organization that you need at the time. Everybody knows their role but also where to guide you if they can't help you themselves. Efficient operations also reduce overhead to keep things more affordable for you in terms of lower fees.

Fast Facts

Before going in-depth about Augusta Precious Metals, it's useful to know certain facts about them first.

How to Reach Them

You can Click Here to visit their official website.

Fees They Charge (Or Not)

You won't pay Augusta commission fees on any purchases that you make. You will have to pay a custodial application fee of $50 to start your precious metal storage. Recurring annual custodian fees will range from $80 to $100 in the following years.

Specials, Bonuses, Deals

Check with Augusta for the most recent criteria, but qualifying accounts might get up to 10 years of waived fees. This is a far longer special than nearly anyone in the industry and one of the perks of joining Augusta.

Primary Features

The three things you get with Augusta are transparency, education, and streamlined service. This broker constantly does podcasts, webinars, newsletters, and client meetings to educate everyone about the precious metals market. The streamlined internal operations mean it's easy to communicate with them and enjoy lower costs and fees.

The transparency inherent to this business doesn't get enough praise, as the client education gets a lot more attention, and deservedly so. Augusta will never hit you with surprise charges or hidden fees that you might wind up with from a lot of its competitors. You can trust this broker, and that's important when you're giving someone that much money.

Their integrity is impeccable
It's hard to find anyone more transparent
Highly efficient internal operations
Customer loyalty and support from start to finish
Seriously deep pool of educational resources
Smaller lots of bars and coins unavailable
Minimum investment of $50,000 shuts out many investors

A Deeper Look into Augusta

augusta precious metals

Augusta Precious Metals is an impressive company. They're certainly in the upper echelon of the industry, and some analysts even list them as the very best. If you scroll through their many customer reviews over the years, you'll certainly see that they've made a great reputation for themselves.

The company was founded in 2012. If they're known for anything, it's client education. They strive to make sure their clients know how to protect their retirement assets, and precious metals play a crucial role in all of this.

Simplicity and transparency are also big features of Augusta Precious Metals. Most gold IRA brokers will roll out the red carpet for you when you're thinking about starting up an account with them. However, Augusta will keep treating you well during the active account run and even when you're closing it out and liquidating.

Most brokers will give you an account representative to work with, and Augusta will have a nominal point of contact you can reach out to. However, you'll also have access to quite a few departments and teams within Augusta's structure. Different specialists are available to help you with your particular needs at the time.

Augusta is structured with a high level of internal efficiency. They get to save money on their overhead, but they don't get greedy. They pass a lot of those savings onto their clients in terms of lower fees.

Something else unique to Augusta Precious Metals is how they are partners with the Royal Canadian Mint. This works well for Augusta clients since they can get purer coins at lower prices than might be possible elsewhere in the sector. You can find metals the IRA approves of for gold IRA use quite easily through Augusta.

augusta website

The company was founded in Beverly Hills, California. Their decade of experience makes them older than a great number of their competitors, although a fair share is actually older. They've been dealing online in precious metals the entire time.

They are an industry-recognized Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) dealer. They also operate within Numismatic Guarany Corporation (NGC) standards. Augusta Precious Metals has 45 employees.

The founders were the Nuriani family. Even though the company is only a decade old, the Nuriani family itself has over 40 years of collective experience. A lot of that is specifically in coins and precious metals.

Isaac Nuriani serves as the company president. He had over a decade of experience prior to Augusta in the financial industry and with several precious metal enterprises. He has an economics degree from UCLA and is a member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets.

Augusta sells U.S. Mint bullion, which includes gold, platinum, silver, and minted coins. They also sell Royal Canadian Mint gold, silver, and platinum products. They also partner with a handful of private mints around the globe in trading metal bars and rounds.

Augusta enjoys exclusive distribution agreements with both the Royal Canadian Mint and the British Royal Mint. They get to sell certain varieties of British Gold Standard Gold Coins. They also get to sell particular Gold and Silver Eagles through the Canadian mint.

If doing business with a company known for its philanthropy is important to you, then Augusta might be a good match. They actually donate a set percentage of all sales to K9s for Warriors. This charity organization trains service dogs to help veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan with their PTSD so they can be empowered to return to civilian life.

If you want client education from your gold IRA broker, then Augusta is certainly one of the best for that, if not the best. You'll get access to online educational resources. However, they also have personal meetings with their internal analysts, some of whom are Harvard-trained.

Services That Augusta Precious Metals Provides

Augusta Precious Metals is a great place to do a precious metals IRA. Their specific services might just be what you're looking for.

Gold IRA accounts are the primary feature that you should be looking for. This is a self-directed investment vehicle that offers you a tax shelter to save for your retirement without getting taxed on your investment gains, as happens with any IRA. Turn to Augusta for help determining the specific combination of precious metals to be stored through a custodial arrangement.

They also offer a silver IRA on top of doing a gold IRA. Silver might not have the ounce-for-ounce value that gold does, but you might want to look at its recent growth rate over the last decade. It's actually hit double-digit value growth for many years, and it's actually growing faster than gold in many recent years.

You can also do accounts or transactions that aren't an IRA. You can buy gold and silver products and coins freely without worrying about IRS approvals or restrictions. However, you'd also be paying normal taxes on everything.

In a precious metals IRA, Augusta makes arrangements for your storage. Custodians are actually different businesses, but Augusta has many existing partnerships with custodians. You can see their list of depositories on their website to choose the one you want.

As a matter of fact, Augusta will do over 90% of the paperwork and arrangements for you in creating your gold IRA. Their devotion to communication will keep you apprised of what's going on about your account at all times. Transparency is king here, after all.

Numbers You Need to Know

Starting a gold IRA should help you preserve your wealth and assets thanks to precious metals. However, you also want to see growth in the value overall. An IRA account lets you enjoy those gains without taxes, but some fees will hit you over the course of the account.

Prices for Precious Metal Products

Given the constant market fluctuations, you'll have to check Augusta's website for the latest prices on their particular products. You should know that Augusta usually has a 5% markup on what sellers would be asking for. However, their pricing is transparent, and they won't hit you with sneaky fees after that.


The custodian application will cost you $50. Your yearly custodian fees in years after that can range from $80 to $100 or even higher. The variations are based on different depositories and if you get segregated or group storage.

All of these fees are reasonable within industry standards, and many of them are better than average. However, Augusta also covers liability insurance premiums and shipping costs for all of your precious metals. This lasts the entirety of your account.

Minimum Investment Requirements

A minimum transaction with Augusta Precious Metals is $25,000 for non-IRA matters that you will get taxed for. Gold IRA transactions require at least $50,000 for your minimum investment. That gives you a tax shelter and pure gains on value.

The minimum is steep compared to the rest of the industry. It will preclude some investors. However, if you've been saving for years, then it's probably not a big deal to do a rollover of this size.

What People Are Saying

Augusta Precious Metals somehow goes years at a time without any formally registered complaints. That's impressive in an age where you can't please everyone.

The Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ rating, and more than a hundred reviewers there average them at 5.0/5.0. It's a similar case at Business Consumer Alliance where they again average 5.0/5.0 after almost a hundred reviews. The BCA gives them a AAA rating.

Key Takeaways

Your top priority with a gold IRA should be protecting your wealth. However, you should also be looking to grow it, too. Knowing how to do that takes some education.

Augusta Precious Metals is there to do that. They are a very transparent operation so you always know what's going on with your money. However, they also have serious educational resources to help you learn all about the industry.

The customer service they provide is in the top tier of the industry, and their streamlined operations help you out in many ways. Keeping overhead costs down passes on savings to you. However, it also makes it easy to find answers and education when you contact them.

If you want a gold broker that emphasizes a balance between education, transparency, and trust, then Augusta Precious Metals is worth a strong look. They've earned their place in the top three brokers in the business.

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