Principle 6: Promote equality through community initiatives and advocacy

Community Leadership and Engagement

  • Lead by example – showcase company commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment

  • Leverage influence, alone or in partnership, to advocate for gender equality and collaborate with business partners, suppliers and community leaders to promote inclusion

  • Work with community stakeholders, officials and others to eliminate discrimination and exploitation and open opportunities for women and girls

  • Promote and recognize women’s leadership in, and contributions to, their communities and ensure sufficient representation of women in any community consultation

  • Use philanthropy and grants programmes to support company commitment to inclusion, equality and human rights

Company Examples

  • A large international cosmetics company launched and sold products to raise funds for community-based organizations working to end domestic violence around the world.

  • A multinational mining company with operations in Ghana implemented a gender mainstreaming programme to encourage female employees to assume greater responsibility within the mine and connect to the local community.

  • A US-based multinational apparel manufacturer awards grants to community-based organizations to empower women in localities where it does business.